If you wish to include unsubscribe links in your notification emails (recommended) and you happen to be using Jinja templates, you can point them to the provided unsubscribe() view:

tidings.views.unsubscribe(request, watch_id)[source]

Unsubscribe from (i.e. delete) the watch of ID watch_id.

Expects an s querystring parameter matching the watch’s secret.

GET will result in a confirmation page (or a failure page if the secret is wrong). POST will actually delete the watch (again, if the secret is correct).

The templates assume use of the Jinja templating engine via jingo.Loader and the presence of a base.html template containing a content block.

If you aren’t using Jinja via jingo.Loader, you can replace the templates with your own django templates.

A stock anonymous-watch-confirmation view is planned for a future version of tidings.