If you wish to include unsubscribe links in your notification emails (recommended) and you happen to be using Jinja templates, you can point them to the provided unsubscribe() view:

tidings.views.unsubscribe(request, watch_id)[source]

Unsubscribe from (i.e. delete) the watch of ID watch_id.

Expects an s querystring parameter matching the watch’s secret.

GET will result in a confirmation page (or a failure page if the secret is wrong). POST will actually delete the watch (again, if the secret is correct).

Uses these templates:

  • tidings/unsubscribe.html - Asks user to confirm deleting a watch
  • tidings/unsubscribe_error.html - Shown when a watch is not found
  • tidings/unsubscribe_success.html - Shown when a watch is deleted

The shipped templates assume a head_title and a content block in a base.html template.

The template extension can be changed from the default html using the setting TIDINGS_TEMPLATE_EXTENSION.

A stock anonymous-watch-confirmation view is planned for a future version of tidings.