This project is deprecated. See issue #52 for details.

django-tidings is a framework for sending email notifications to users who have registered interest in certain events, such as the modification of some model object. Used by and, it is optimized for large-scale installations. Its features include…

  • Asynchronous operation using the celery task queue
  • De-duplication of notifications
  • Association of subscriptions with either registered Django users or anonymous email addresses
  • Optional confirmation of anonymous subscriptions
  • Hook points for customizing any page drawn and any email sent

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Erik Rose and Paul Craciunoiu developed django-tidings, replacing a simpler progenitor written by the whole team, including Ricky Rosario and James Socol.

Will Kahn-Greene worked on the 1.0 release. He updated the project to Django 1.4 through 1.6, added tox support to make multi-version testing easier, and fixed bugs.

Jannis Leidel worked on the 1.1 release. He updated the project to Django 1.7 and 1.8, added South migrations, refactored tests, added TravisCI and Coveralls support, switched from Fabric to a Makefile, switched from mock and django_nose to Django tests, and more.

John Whitlock worked on the 1.2 and 2.0 releases. He added support for Python 3 and Django 1.9 through 2.0. He added linting with flake8, switched from jingo to Django templates, and switched from django_celery to basic Celery.

MDN stopped using the project in June 2021, and SUMO absorbed the code in June 2022. With no active projects using the code, John Whitlock deprecated the codebase in 2022.